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About Marabans

Much more than just a coffee roaster.
Blends of coffee, teas and all the equipment you need.

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At Marabans coffee and tea, we have blends of coffee, a selection of different teas and all the coffee machines necessary for the coffee shop/cafe owner and hotel or catering business to offer the best coffees, teas, frappes, smoothies etc.

We sell, rent, lease and install coffee machines for all environments and have a range of coffee grinders to complement the machines the guarantee the best extraction of the coffee.

We train each client, through our experience manager. And we have technical service on hand. Hotels count on Marabans. We offer bean to cup equipment, bulk brew and our premium coffee capsules, we have one of the best blends of coffee designed for coffee machines to extract all their aromas in the shortest possible time.

With Marabans, hotels can offer cappuccino, espresso and lattes in their breakfast rooms, bar or restaurant. We also offer a range of hospitality teas for use in hotel bedrooms.

Cafes/coffee shops and restaurants choose to work with Marabans. We train your teams so that, in the coffee offering and develop a skill level to produce great coffee which will make you stand from your competition.

Our mission is to have continuity all over the UK so wherever you are having Marabans coffee, the Marabans standard is preserved. If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, hotel or if you already have one but are interested in Marabans coffee and tea, call us on 0845 544 2871.

Our Philosophy

Established in Can Picafort in 1997, the essence of Marabans Coffee and Tea remains faithful to the Mediterranean lifestyle since our inception: a perfect balance between work and pleasure, family, friends and the best gastronomy. Marabans brings together these situations.The constant demands on the quality of the product, the efficiency of the service and a professional approach to the final customer are the added value of our brand. All our products follow the criteria of quality from the raw material, selected by coffee masters, to the packaging, storage, distribution and final service.We work directly with trade hotels, bars, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, offices and individuals who enjoy coffee in capsule or grain, teas, rooibos, teas, chocolates, cookies … Marabans Coffee & Tea has products for each type of customer and use.

Our Team

We are a group of professionals willing to give the best of us to offer our customers the finest product, the most qualified service and a unique experience. With the motivation to make Marabans a distinguished brand in the history of coffee and tea. At Marabans we are committed to achieving the best coffee and obtaining ‘the perfect espresso’. For this we look for excellence in the cup to meet the needs and expectations of the final consumer. Our purpose is that our customers notice the difference, personalisation and innovation that represent all our products and services.


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CALL: +44 (0)845 544 2871