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Finding your perfect infusion

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Pyramid Bags & Loose Leaf Tea

Bringing passion and a unique story of love to every Tea pot

We continuously research to always offer the best, with a variety of blends to suit all tastes.

At Marabans, we have a great selection of teas and infusions that we present in two forms, in loose, and in individual pyramid. The pyramid format is a practical way to take tea without the need to use the filter and get an infusion in aroma, colour and flavour.

However, the use of loose leaf teas is a very special way to enjoy your tea and offers a very British way to enjoy your tea with a classic tea pot, a strainer and either offer a great solution depending on your business environment.

Create memorable moments for your customers in your hotel, restaurant, tea room or venue

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Find your perfect infusion


Pennyroyal Mint Tea

Marabans Premium Quality – very aromatic infusion of mint with Pennyroyal in their fair share.


English Breakfast Tea

Marabans Premium Quality, your typical breakfast tea, full of strength and great body.


Camomile Tea

A delicate blend of Chamomile flowers to take at any time of the day.


Chai Black Tea

A true sensory experience that combines warm and exotic flavours.


Rooibos Tea

A twilight Red Tea with Sweet and fruity Taste.


Green Tea

An exclusive green tea intense and exotic citrus and passionfruit, very healthy and refreshing aroma.

Enabling you to serve the best cup of tea in town


Become a Wholesale Customer

At Marabans coffee and tea, our Coffee Roasters offer blends of coffee, a selection of different teas and all the coffee machines and equipment necessary for coffee shop/cafe owners and hotels or catering business to offer the best coffees, teas, frappes, smoothies etc. 100% Pure and Quality Assured.