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Nitro Coffee; another way to enjoy Infused coffee.

Nitro Coffee or Nitro Brew, emerged several years ago in the most Hipsters circles in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, followers of this movement have been added, including Marabans Coffee and Global Coffee Brands.

This fact has helped its expansion and commercialisation to reach the whole World in different formats: Barrels, Can, Bottle, etc.

Nitro coffee (Nitro Brew) is an evolution of Cold Brew, cold-acid coffee with low acidity that keeps all the nuances of Coffee.

It has mild flavour, but with high amount of Caffeine, which brings a lot of energy to your body!

It is made by adding Nitrogen to Cold-Brewed Marabans Specialty Coffee, acquiring a dark-coloured Coffee with small bubbles, of silky texture and a layer of foam on the surface.
In fact, its appearance is very similar to Guinness Beer. You might have seen it on Instagram or in Coffee Shops, served from a tap, as if it were a Draught Beer.
Thanks to its pleasant taste it is not necessary to add any type of sugar or sweetener, as a result it is also a low-calorie drink.
Due to its special qualities, flavour and texture, it can be a great base to make interesting combinations…
Would you dare to try one? Learn how to make them, on a Marbans Barista Course.

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