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The Story of Marabans

From searching the world for the best coffee bean harvests 25 years ago to supporting small independent coffee houses, Marabans has a big story to share with you

The Perfect Espresso

Founded 25-years ago on the idylic Mediterranean Balearic Island, Marabans sources the finest flavoured coffee beans to create the ‘Perfect Espresso’. Roasted coffee beans that are engrained in history.

A great way to wake up

It takes fifty five organic coffee beans to create a sensational cup of Marabans whole bean coffee. Marabans best coffee beans conjure up a sensual beauty and poetry for the passionate strong coffee lover, starting off the day perfectly.

Passionate Coffee Lovers

Blended from the finest Brazilian coffee bean, Ethiopian coffee beans, Nicaragua, Indian and colombian coffee beans, Marabans have spent 25-years formulating the perfect espresso coffee.

The story all started on the island of Mallorca in 1997

The Marabans story began back in 1997 when two lovers of coffee, Jordi and Pedro, set out from the small village of Can Picafort in the Balearic Islands, on a mission to roast coffee that creates the ‘perfect espresso’ and share their knowledge with others on how to create this paradigm for others to enjoy across the world.

They scoured the globe, leaving no stone unturned, to find the most exquisite coffee bean harvests from the finest ethical coffee growers and worked tirelessly, experimenting with different roasting styles and mixing beans to create the unique Marabans taste. With the roast profile established, they began to engage with as many cafés, coffee houses, restaurants and hotels as they could, inviting them to offer Marabans coffee to their customers – always giving a helping hand on how coffee should be prepared and sharing the knowledge they had gained on creating the ‘perfect espresso’ each and every time.

Finding the next generation of expert baristas

The Marabans coffee roast was now consistently top-quality and Jordi and Pedro began to focus on the delivery of training and support to the businesses that serve coffee to customers, educating the next generation of expert baristas. It was the vision of the founders to share a true love and passion for coffee with the world.  25 years later, the passion of the founders remains and the product range has grown with additional blends of premium coffees as well as an array of well balanced tea infusions which has all contributed to Marabans becoming one of the leading coffee roasters in the world.

Today, we’re still supporting small, local, independent businesses both in Mallorca and now in the UK to enable more people to share a true love of amazing coffee and tea with Marabans. Expedited with the pandemic, the Marabans at Home range of coffees, teas, equipment and gifts has been launched giving coffee and tea lovers the opportunity to bring the passion of the ‘perfect espresso’ and infusions into their homes for the first time.

Passionate about supporting small independent businesses

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Why choose Marabans coffee?

The reality is that we could offer you coffee sourced from any region, roast or blend from anywhere in the world… However, that would not be perfection for you. You would lose out on seeing the true love and passion for great coffee in the taste or aroma that comes through from getting everything just right.

So, we’ve spent 25 years searching, experimenting, refining blends and roasts to meet our promise to you of the perfect espresso in every cup. Carefully selected from the finest coffee farms and meticulously roasted, Marabans coffee beans conjure up a sensual beauty and poetry for the passionate coffee lover.

We roast our unique blends using different roasting profiles that harmonise aroma and body, as even a distinctive blend can have different taste nuances. In fact, it takes 55 beans of Marabans coffee to create the finest symphony of aromas and tastes which transform a cup of coffee into the exceptionally pleasurable cup of delight.

Opening a bag of coffee means entering a world where the process of making coffee is more than a routine, it’s a rich and pleasurable daily ritual.

The best thing is that you’re invited to become part of this movement and embrace the Marabans ethos of perfection in everything you do- are you ready to join us?


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