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The Perfect Espresso

Founded 25-years ago on the idylic Mediterranean Balearic Island, Marabans sources the finest flavoured coffee beans to create the ‘Perfect Espresso’. Roasted coffee beans that are engrained in history.


It takes fifty five organic coffee beans to create a sensational cup of Marabans whole bean coffee. Marabans best coffee beans conjure up a sensual beauty and poetry for the passionate strong coffee lover, starting off the day perfectly.

Time for Tea?

The perfect infusion, in a tea pot, cup or mug

At Marabans, we have a great selection of teas and infusions that we present in two forms, loose-leaf, and in individual silk-style pyramid bags. The pyramid bag is a practical way to take tea without the need to use a strainer/filter and still get an infusion in aroma, colour and flavour. The use of loose-leaf tea is a very traditional way to enjoy your tea with a classic teapot and strainer/filter.

Get the latest equipment

Everything you need for the perfect drink

For the perfect coffee and tea, you need the best equipment. You can rely on us to supply you with everything you need from coffee grinders to tea pots.

Share the love with gifts

From the iconic cup to gift boxes

The Marabans cup has become somewhat of an icon amongst the many independent coffee shops who partner with Marabans. You can now enjoy your favourite beverage in a branded cup. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the coffee or tea connoisseur, this is a great place to start browsing!

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