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Coffee Beans

The Perfect Espresso

Founded 25-years ago on the idylic Mediterranean Balearic Island, Marabans sources the finest flavoured coffee beans to create the ‘Perfect Espresso’. Roasted coffee beans that are engrained in history.

Ready to grind

Our selection of coffee beans are ready for you to grind in your Coffee Bean Grinder and then use with your Espresso Machine, V60 Drip, AeroPress or French Press.

Ground Coffee


It takes fifty five organic coffee beans to create a sensational cup of Marabans whole bean coffee. Marabans best coffee beans conjure up a sensual beauty and poetry for the passionate strong coffee lover, starting off the day perfectly.

convenient pre-ground coffee

For your convenience, our pre-ground coffee range will work perfectly in your Cafetiere, Mokka Pot, Filter Machine, V60 Drip or AeroPress.

Coffee Capsules

Professional Capsules

Our range of capsules are professional-grade – contact us for details on compatibility with capsule machines.

Nespresso coming soon

If you send us a message giving your contact details, we will be in touch as soon as our range of Nespresso Capsules launch soon.

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