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Discover the perfect coffee blends

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The perfect espresso

Bringing passion and a unique story of love to every cup

We continuously research to always offer the best, with a variety of blends to suit all tastes.

To keep the Unique Marabans Taste profile, the origins of our blends vary, as we only use the beans from the best harvests.

Our goal as your coffee roaster is to produce a balanced, aromatic, with body and colour that everyone likes and identifies with our brand Marabans.

It’s our passion to show you how to produce great espresso based drinks and how many delicious drinks can be prepared by combining coffee with the perfect micro foam.

Why choose Marabans coffee?

The reality is that we could offer you coffee sourced from any region, roast or blend from anywhere in the world… However, that would not be perfection for you. You would lose out on seeing the true love and passion for great coffee in the taste or aroma that comes through from getting everything just right.

So, we’ve spent 25 years searching, experimenting, refining blends and roasts to meet our promise to you of the perfect espresso in every cup. Carefully selected from the finest coffee farms and meticulously roasted, Marabans coffee beans conjure up a sensual beauty and poetry for the passionate coffee lover.

We roast our unique blends using different roasting profiles that harmonise aroma and body, as even a distinctive blend can have different taste nuances. In fact, it takes 55 beans of Marabans coffee to create the finest symphony of aromas and tastes which transform a cup of coffee into the exceptionally pleasurable cup of delight.

Opening a bag of coffee means entering a world where the process of making coffee is more than a routine, it’s a rich and pleasurable daily ritual.

The best thing is that you’re invited to become part of this movement and embrace the Marabans ethos of perfection in everything you do- are you ready to join us?

Meet your perfect blends


Special Edition

Probably this is one of Marabans’s favourite coffees because of its delicacy and sweetness. It has an aromatic cup, with a round and velvety body, with subtle shades of cocoa and orange and a hazelnut cream.


Arabic Blend

It is the perfect blend for traditional coffee lovers, with fruity aromas and mellow taste. Also available in single dose capsules.



Rounded coffee with a full body and creamy texture, with spicy notes that coexist with others reminiscent of vanilla, on a background of ripe black fruit.



If your choice is decaffeinated, you do not have to give up good coffee. At Marabans Coffee & Tea we have innovated so that, in the process of decaffeination and roasting, the grain retains all the aromas and their original flavour. The caffeine content is less than 0.01%. Also available in single dose capsules.

Latte Art training in the West Midlands UK

Passionate about supporting small independent businesses.

Become a Commercial customer and get free training & support for your business too*.

We also have coffee in capsules.

We have coffee in capsules for hotels, bars, restaurants and offices.

We have two types of coffee in capsules: decaffeinated and arabica coffee selection, and the necessary machines to produce great coffee with minimum skill level.

With the individual capsules we ensure that the coffee always is fresh and retains its aromas and flavours. This is shown when opening the packet and you smell the aroma of a freshly ground coffee. This also ensures that each coffee is as good as the next and guarantees the perfect Espresso every time.


Become a Wholesale Customer

At Marabans coffee and tea, our Coffee Roasters offer blends of coffee, a selection of different teas and all the coffee machines and equipment necessary for coffee shop/cafe owners and hotels or catering business to offer the best coffees, teas, frappes, smoothies etc. 100% Pure and Quality Assured.